Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 Pc Game

The voice acting is also great in general. Are More Gaming Fails Coming? Galen goes down to the planet, where he finds an old hut which seems vaguely familiar.

After he completes his objective, Organa dispatches Starkiller to infiltrate an Imperial prison and set free more Wookiees. Are Zombie Games Truly Undead?

The save point at this location makes it easy to get infinite Force Points. Kota tells Galen to use the Force to bring the Destroyer crashing down. The Force Unleashed multimedia project. The Force Unleashed's combat is fun at the start, but begins to feel very uninspired as the hours go by.

System Requirements Windows. Palpatine decreed that Marek's final test was to kill Rahm Kota, thus severing all his ties to the Jedi. Palpatine defeats Galen easily and brings the Rogue Shadow down on top of everyone in the room, killing all but Galen and the Emperor himself. Instead of saving Kota, Galen defeats Vader, fatally skewering him with two lightsabers, to replace him at Palpatine's side.

Starkiller's Trial of Insight. Before returning to his master, Galen took Kota's lightsaber per Vader's orders. The two engage in a lengthy battle, but Marek ultimately prevails when he telekinetically throws one of Fett's rockets back at him, apparently killing the bounty hunter. There, after destroying the core, he duels a Shadow Guard.

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Star Wars The Force Unleashed II for Xbox - GameFAQs

If the player chooses the dark side, Starkiller raises his saber to kill Vader, only to be impaled by a shrouded figure who uncloaks behind him. The Force Unleashed on StarWars. Plot The game takes place approximately six months after the events of the first game, and a year before Star Wars. The game takes place approximately six months after the events of the first game, and a year before Star Wars. As snowtroopers ran up to capture Skywalker, he tapped into the passionate forces of the Dark Side to defeat them and was reinvigorated for battle against Starkiller.

Ultimate Sith Edition, a special new version of the game that will show gamers the deepest, darkest side of the Force in a story that puts them on a collision course with Luke Skywalker himself. Returning to Palpatine, he found Kota lying at the feet of the Dark Lord, charred from Sith lightning. If you are willing to lead us, then we'll join your alliance.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed

Star Wars The Force Unleashed

Keep an eye on the screen and complete the instructions. Marek saw the bodies of Bail Organa and the other rebel leaders. When Sturn charges him with the electrostaff, Starkiller kills him with a discharge of Force lightning.

Instead, Marek turned to attack the Emperor. But after using the ore cannon to destroy the construction yard, one of the Destroyers came crashing down through the atmosphere. Continue down the hallway to find a Jabba The Hut hologram at the end, with three slot machines in front it and some Guybrush Threepwood statues nearby. Another duel ensued, this time as the hangar was engulfed in fighting between Rebel and Imperial soldiers.


Starkiller discovers Juno survived the fall, they kiss, and the two travel into hyperspace together aboard the Rogue Shadow, latest bollywood movies taking Vader prisoner. The dark Starkiller is sent to eliminate the threat and kills Ewoks and Rebels including Han Solo and Chewbacca in the process.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed II Review

Organa says that to rally other dissidents, they need to show that the Empire is weak. Upon confronting Luke alone, Starkiller revealed the truth about Luke's father in an attempt to infuriate and confuse him, although he denied it. LucasArts - Publisher Website. Immerse yourself once again in the story that was honored with awards from the Writer's Guild of America and the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.

The game also has an in-game encyclopedia. Do Gamers Build the Best Games? Update List All Game Switch.

Carving his way through numerous Jawas and Tusken Raiders, Marek breaks into Jabba's palace and cuts down numerous thugs in an effort to gain a meeting with the crime lord. Although Luke had succeeded in distracting Marek with the attack, allowing the Millennium Falcon to escape, he was beaten and had embraced the power of the dark side. You will find a fog filled room with frozen Neimoidians. Marek crushed Vader with several metal girders, before throwing him into the throne room.

He informed the cyborg that master Rahm Kota had sent him to meet with the senator. As Darth Vader lay clinging to life before him, Palpatine attempted to influence Marek to murder Vader and become Palpatine's new apprentice. Meanwhile, the Emperor scolds Vader for creating the dark copy of his failed apprentice and subdues him with Force Lightning calling him Skywalker.

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Lieutenant Marsen was next in line as Starkiller's liaison and attempted to aid the Sith throughout the rest of the invasion. Only a handful have escaped Imperial forces, disappearing into hiding across the galaxy. Successfully complete the first ten challenges with at least a gold medal to unlock secondary lightsaber crystals. Neither is compatible with existing lore, and one of them even fails to answer the clone question or make any sense.

Destroy those slot machines, and a red Holocron will appear where the machines were located. Kota said that because he was of no use to Bail Organa, he went looking for Shaak Ti.

Your email address will not be published. You will not be ready to face the Emperor until you have faced a true Jedi Master.