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The film's success can majorly be attributed to Madhavan's portrayal of the quintessential lover boy, bringing his effusive charm to the two-dimensional protagonist. The line chaiye hai betabi i like this line a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Reply. Starring Kollywood's blue-eyed boy of that time, R Madhavan, and beauty queen Dia Mirza, the film wasn't the biggest of commercial successes. India's Most Wanted Various Artistes. Manu comes to India to find a bride for himself and falls for Tanu at first sight but Tanu, a free spirited girl has no plans of marrying him.

Aanewala Pal Janewala Hai Golmaal. The music didn't necessarily break the mould in any way, but within the parameters of accessible, popular Bollywood music Jayaraj gave us an album full of extremely hummable melodies. Maddy is shocked to see that Rajeev is none other than Sam, his college rival. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Maddy is deeply attracted to her and tries to learn more about her, but in vain.

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Songs Kannum Kannum Angadi. Songs Akela India's Most Wanted.

However, it found a cult following of its own. Yemi Cheyamanduve Priyuraalu Pilichindi. Tulsi Ramayan - Mukesh - Vol. You should get the hang of it in no time.

Even though it's just another love song, it helps that it sounds so different and therefore has an identity of its own. Pithi No Rang guj Avinash Vyas. Rajeev believes that Maddy is getting involved in all this because of their rivalry. Ek Ajnabee Haseena Se Ajanabee.

However, destiny makes them meet again when he sees her in Mumbai. Watch our trailer of trailers. Download the songs from here. When Rajeev realizes that Reena still loves Maddy, he takes her to the airport. Jait Re Jait pandit Hridaynath Mangeshkar.

Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein

Bombay Jayashree's vocals for Zara zara remain legendary till date and the flute interlude is the best piece of music in the entire album. Reena is no better off without him either, as she finds it very difficult to forget him. You have purchased but not downloaded the song s.

Now, finally out of prison she is ready for sweet revenge. Madhavan first glimpses the beautiful Reena Malhotra Diya Mirza. Hindidialogues The film's success can majorly be attributed to Madhavan's portrayal of the quintessential lover boy, bringing his effusive charm to the two-dimensional protagonist. Bhoomidevi Pushpiniyaye G. But the fight was interrupted in between by the professors.

Later, he and his college cronies attend a wedding of another classmate, where by luck Maddy spots her again and learns that her name is Reena Dia Mirza. Two years later, Maddy has taken a job as software instructor at a private company.

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Two best friends being convinced that they are not in love search for each other's love. Pallavi Anu Pallavi Ilaiyaraaja. Maddy tries to convince Reena about his true intentions but she refuses to talk to him. Carnatic Hindustani Fusion.

Rang Barse Bheege Chunarwali Silsila. Enjoy this movie with some of the unforgettable, evergreen, touching, heart breaking, romantic, funny, etc songs and scenes. Then slowly progress towards Chords and complex forms. Chupke Chupke Ghazals Indrani Rizvi.

After a temperamental man is unceremoniously stripped of his duties as a bank manager, he decides to seek revenge by robbing the bank. Total Dhamaal Various Artistes.

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Songs Dhandiya Premikula Roju. The enmity goes so far that Maddy even tries to frame Sam.

Written by rAjOo gunwanti hotmail. Come to think of Sach keh raha hai with Madhavan tearing apart on screen, just works. Later at Sam's graduation party, Maddy again tries to challenge Sam, but this time, Sam denies. Ki Ashai Bandhi Khelaghar Amanush ben.

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Added to Cart Added to Cart. Here, Maddy goes into depression and starts drinking. Each time Zara zara or the title song plays somewhere, feels are felt.

The story starts with narration by Maddy R. Rajeev hands Reena over to Maddy, upon which the duo confess their feelings for each other. Unfortunately before that, real Rajeev comes back and Reena is shocked to find Maddy's secret. Reena, who previously liked him only as a friend, mp3 dangdut lawas falls in love with him too. The whirlwind romance turns sour when she is framed for his underworld crimes.

The story of a bunch of misfits whose misconception about each others backgrounds end up in a series of chaotic, yet comic outcomes. Chords are nothing but a combination of notes. Eradu Kanasu Rajan-Nagendra. Rajeev and Maddy spot each other. Naliva Gulabi Hoove Auto Raja.