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Save the moves from each match. Top seeds include Zhigalko, Inarkiev, Areshchenko, Kuzubov, et al.

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After the rapid tie-break failed to produce a winner, Michael Adams prevailed in the blitz tiebreak and emerged as Champion. Peng Zhaoqin won by a full two points. Azerbaijan finished second, and Hungary's amazing final round sweep over Bulgaria secured the bronze. Gawain Jones beats McShane in the final rapid match.

This is the qualifier for the superfinals in October. Adams took first place on tiebreaks.

Alongside the Pearl Spring tournament is this high level women's event. Russia secured the goold, Armenia the bronze, and Hungary the silver. An eight player rapid knockout tournament including Anatoly Karpov. Aronian beat some of the strongest players in the world, with his eyes closed. In the end was a playoff between Onischuk and Shankland in which Shankland overtook the former champ.

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In the final two-game match, Gata Kamsky beat Shulman for the title. The Dutch Computer Chess Federation let the programmers unleash their monsters. The best teams in Russia play against the best teams in China.

Google unleashed its DeepMind project to tackle the game of chess. New games will be uploaded as they become available. We will be adding games to this tournament page throughout the year. Gelfand, Nakamura, Jones, Polgar.

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Nakamura, Adams, and Caruana. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov and Nigel Short are headliners at this open tournament in Calcutta. If you continue browsing consider that you accept our use of cookies.

When the star does not appear, you have to kill before a white figure. Kramnik beat out Anand, Carlsen, and Shirov in this four player double round-robin.

The least moves you make, the more points you get. Play like chess and overcome all the challenges. Andreikin won the first round and the rest were drawn. Kovalevskaya, Girya, Bodnaruk, et al.

In the women's section, Russia placed first, followed by Ukraine and Georgia. In the blindfold event, there was a three-way tie for first among Kramnik, Aronian, and Carlsen.

Show your skills and your knowledge to win your computer in this new chess game. Sethuraman, Alekseev, et al. Each piece can kill other with less value.

Gata Kamsky defeated Zoltan Almasi on tie-break. Grischuk defeated Nepomniachtchi in the final. The Russian team took the gold for the third consecutive year. Top players included Galliamova, Gunina, Cmilyte, Pogonina, et al.

Nakamura takes on Stockfish in a four game match. Leon Masters July Leon, Spain. Gather objects from the ground that will help you to capture the bad guys.

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Tradewise Gibraltar Jan Caleta, Gibraltar. Adams, Anand, McShane, Istratescu.

Norway Chess Apr Stavanger, Norway. The real twist was that matches consisted of two games of classical chess played simultaneously, how to apps without jailbreaking iphone an old idea by David Bronstein.

Petersburg defeated Valerenga Sjakklubb in the final round to win the title. Carlsen was eliminated in the first round by Bacrot.

Jakovenko, Motylev, Tomashevsky, et al. There was controversy which resulted in Tiviakov leaving after three rounds. The second Women's Grand Prix of the series was pushed back to give Hou Yifan a chance to participate after her elimination in the World Cup. Ivanchuk beat Nakamura in the final to win the event.

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The Challengers Section saw Vladislav Kovalev take the honors. This knockout format features of the world's strongest players and is part of the World Championship Cycle.

In an exciting finish, Karjakin catches up and overtakes Carlsen to become the World Rapid Champion. The Norway Supertournament kicks off with a blitz event which determines the pairings. Playing against the great Ivanchuk, Anand acknowledges that even he deliberated long and hard before pursuing the sacrificial path. Top Chinese players face off against top Russian players.

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Petersburg on the tiebreak. Koneru Humpy beat out Muzychuk, Dzagnidze, Stefanova, et al. Anish Giri took clear first, after a surprising finish. Would we offer Anand's brilliant exchange sacrifice in this game even if we saw the move and the coming ideas?