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Lotus Organizer works on Windows 10 - Microsoft Community

Lotus Organizer works on Windows 10 - Microsoft Community

However there is one problem I have had for a while. And if so, is that info somehow accessible elsewhere?

Come you, you can do better. Can you send me a coppy of it. Ill be grateful if you continue this in future. There simple isn't anything remotely like it or even a fraction as good.

Google Tasks - uh, what can I say? Also, it knocks spots off Word for flexibility and ease of use.

Does anyone have any helpful thoughts that I can try? Subsequent driver versions do not support Universal Scrolling. So, Lotus may finally not work anymore in the Creators Update. It's been raised to product managament.

Seems to work fairly well, with the exception of the initial autorun installation. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Its hard to understand why this software has not been taken over and developed. The only improvement needed is a mobile app. The thought of having to manually export all that data makes me sick with anxiety.

Download lotus smartsuite for windows 10 for free

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Has anybody out there got any idea how I can get around the problem Hoping somebody can help, Sheppy. File upgrade unsuccessful. Any advice or help would be appreciated.

The program's installer is commonly called smartctr. It is the best organizer ever created. Lotus smart suite download. To driven by their own agenda.

Like all of you I wish someone would update it. There is nothing on the market that comes anywhere near as good! Contact me at dori -at- yahoo -spot- com if you wish to discuss it further. Everything else makes an unmitigated blobby mess when enlarged in a watermark. Not use compatibility mode.

Aside from few screen refresh issues, the program works as well as it did back in when I started using a previous version. Our antivirus scan shows that this download is clean. Organizer and are used every day.

Thank again to all of you. We should start a campaign! Nothing I have seen to replace it even comes close.

How to sop the automated startup in Lotus SmartSuite Disable auto-launching at startup by removing the relevant files from the Startup folder. Lotus SmartSuite is categorized as Office Tools. Google Calendar - still can't do repeating with the precision of Lotus. You simply open organizer and the file will load up perfectly. Plus, as all users should know, with Organizer you can search the entire file for a string if desired, adobe photoshop books for beginners or just a section.

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Lots of people will be benefited from your writing. Crosscheck all the formulae and formatting in the opened file, then confirm and save it. They just don't seem to give a care. It's the best diary and organiser I have ever used, and the newer ones just don't match up.

Here is an update of my own travails with the demise of Organizer. Nowadays not being able to have appointment synchronisation with my various devices is a killer. Unfortunately, like a lot of people I was subcontracting to a vandal who only used Microsoft Office and so I had to leave Lotsuite. Call collect with any help.

This software is irreplaceable - I have used it for many years. Lotus Development Corporation. The sliding drawer file cabinet was pretty cool too. If so, where can I get a genuine copy? Google Calendar can import other calendars, but it's nice to see all the holidays and anniversaries in one place.

A quiet farewell Lotus Organizer and Smartsuite

This doesn't prevent Organizer from running, as before, but it is a bit of a nuisance. This also prevents Help files from other old Windows applications from running. Out of all the software I have ever used in twenty years it is the only one that has never once crashed or caused a problem. Exports the documents, graphics, presentations, and database tables to various proprietary formats. Password-protected files require authorization before opening.

It would most definitely sell! It has had its own dedicated monitor on my desk ever since I got my first multi-monitor card. Dialog's do pop up about no printer configuration but, I most likely need to define a printer in Wine.

Maybe some day, some brave soul will make an app to replace our beloved Lotus Organizer. My case is the opposite of yours. Even some Microsoft applications got the chop.

A quiet farewell Lotus Organizer and SmartsuiteInteresting tutorials

Is there no way to run it on an apple computer? If the user base is large enough and there is no good cloud tool, I will consider creating one. Just sitting here and elating and griping to each other is cozy but ineffective.

Same thing in the evening. They could have at lkeast made something so that if you absolutely had to you could inport into your iPhone or whatever. However yesterday it played a trick on me, suddenly all my planner data was lost!

Lotus Organizer 6.0 works on Windows 10

Lotus Organizer 6.0 works on Windows 10