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Less sedating antipsychotic, antipsychotic Drugs

Thioridazine Mellaril is a sedating drug that seems to be tolerated better than chlorpromazine with less of that drug's depressant side effects. Like Mellaril, there is some very speculative research that suggests that molindone may have less of a tendency to cause tardive dyskinesia than some of the other medications. My own preference is to use high potency, tipos de musica mexicana yahoo dating less sedating medications in almost all cases.

All of these atypical antipsychotic medications have fewer extrapyramidal muscle side effects than traditional meds. Except in very rare cases, antipsychotics should not be used as maintenance medication for consumers who have been psychotically depressed but who are not currently psychotic. This is currently a controversial subject. The re-evaluation of the evidence has not necessarily slowed the bias toward prescribing the atypicals. Other parts of the body can also be involved.

Antipsychotic Drugs

The most common anticholinergic side effects include dry mouth, blurred vision and constipation. Commonly used as a backup in consumers that have not responded well to the other, more familiar meds. Many people are reluctant to discuss side-effects with consumers for fear of scaring them. Dose of medications should be kept low.

Schizophrenia Schizoaffective disorder most commonly in conjunction with either an antidepressant in the case of the depressive subtype or a mood stabiliser in the case of the bipolar subtype. These drugs are also found in breast milk, and again while there is no absolute contraindication, it is probably safer for mothers taking these medications not to breast feed their babies. Thorazine is the most common offender. It should probably not be used in consumers with certain kinds of irregularities of heart beat. These side effects can make the consumer's clinical symptoms worse, and at times drug side effects can be difficult to distinguish from the illness being treated.

Actively look for side effects. Impotency or retrograde ejaculation erection and ejaculation is normal but semen is pushed backwards into the bladder instead of the penis can be a problem in some men. They may then discontinue the medicine.

Characterized by constant pacing, moving of hands or feet, a feeling of nervousness. They are usually treatable and except for tardive dyskinesia all disappear when drugs are discontinued.

It is only moderately sedating and is advertised as being well tolerated by the consumer and having few side effects. Antipsychotic Drugs major tranquilizers While these medications all have sedating and calming effects, their major effect is to reduce psychotic thinking and behavior.

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If additional sedation is needed, a benzodiazepine such as lorazepam can be given along with an antipsychotic medication. Akinesia and akathisia are partially treatable with anticholinergic medication, but are often treatment resistant and can be a major clinical problem. All of the traditional antipsychotic medications are equally effective, but they vary in potency. Any consumer who complains of an increased temperature and muscular rigidity should be evaluated for this. This can progress with continued medication use to a disfiguring rhythmic distortion of the mouth or face.

In other consumers it can progress fairly rapidly over a period of months to become a very disfiguring and incapacitating movement disorder. Ir usually develops after weeks of treatment. It also now comes in a long acting injection called Haldol Deconoate. Consumers who are psychotically or delusionally depressed initially respond much better to the combination of antipsychotic plus antidepressant medications than to antidepressants alone. The goals of treatment of these patients include reducing symptoms and potentially improving long-term treatment outcomes.

The drugs do have somewhat different side effects although this is a matter of degree rather than kind. Dystonias can be very frightening and at times are dismissed as bizarre behavior rather than a drug side effect. The high potency antipsychotic medications such as Prolixin, Haldol and Navane have a number of advantages over low potency medications such as Thorazine. At the same time, using too low a dose of medication can prolong the period of psychosis. Actively monitoring and treating side effects will help consumers feel more comfortable, and will also help increase the consumer's willingness to continue taking the medications.

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These rashes are uncomfortable, but usually not dangerous. Because I need to focus on my job I had to stop taking this, and as a result stop taking Duloxetine as I am worried it will send me manic without an anti psychotic. Mellaril has been reported to cause the deposition of the pigments in the retina of the eye that can lead to blindness.

Delirium needs to be ruled out. Chlorpromazine Thorazine occasionally causes extreme sensitivity to sunlight and can cause opacities in the lens cataracts of the eye. It is usually a late appearing side effect that usually occurs days after beginning meds. Blurred vision is a common, reversible side effect from all of these medications, especially the high dose medications like Thorazine and Mellaril.

Typical prn as needed orders for agitated psychotic consumers will be from mg. Recent research suggests that in most consumers, moderate doses are as effective in decreasing psychotic symptoms and cause fewer side effects than very high doses.

As with other extrapyramidal side effects, increased anxiety makes the symptoms worse, and they typically disappear with sleep. Both men and women describe decreased sexual desire. Dystonias usually occur hours or days after the medication is started or the dose is increased.

More is not necessarily better. Symptoms usually begin weeks after beginning treatment.

Drug induced or drug excerbated depressions are also possible. Akathisia is a common, very uncomfortable and often unrecognized side effect that is one of the frequent reasons that consumers discontinue their medication. These drugs do cross the placenta, but there is no evidence that antipsychotic medications increase the risk of birth defects. All of these side effects are worse with low potency drugs like Thorazine and Mellaril. Another way that different antipsychotic medications differ is in cost!

The atypical antipsychotic medications block different dopamine receptors, and some of the serotonin receptors. Most consumers with schizophrenia do not relapse immediately if they discontinue antipsychotic medication.

The research is less complete on the other atypical medications, but it is hoped they will share clozapine's increased effectiveness. Extrapyramidal side effects are much less frequent with the new antipsychotic medication, clozapine. This is the most sedating of the antipsychotic meds, which means it is good for some agitated consumers but will also have the most sedating side effects. Traditionally it has been said that with very agitated consumers one of the more sedating phenothiazines e.

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That is, they all do an equally good job, but it takes different amounts of medication to be equally effective. These also have the highest frequency of orthostatic hypotension an abrupt drop in blood pressure when the consumer stands up.