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You can do this indefinitely without risking shutting the terminal down. He'll tell you or caps, or just do a mission, and then he gives you his contract.

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Fallout 3 (Xbox 360)

But instead of just a shopping cart, bodies can be used as a bullet catcher! These companions can be found at various places throughout the world and will agree to join you on your journey temporarily. Found in the east wing of L. First get rad radiation perk fully then get a advance radiation suit that moira brown got then you shoud be able to go through without getting poison.

You should get good Karma for it. She recognizes the voice and give you her ultra smg with ammo. Go back to Underworld where you first hired Charon. Fight your way to a corridor where there is a man with power armor and another body, loot both boodys. Here are the tape's locations.

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You will still get bad karma. You heard me - invincible! Keep him healed using Stimpaks!

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In this pool there is a heap of gore with the Vengeance, an overpowered Laser Gatling Gun. Its in the wall safe requires lockpick skill and lockpick the safe and you will find the Smuggler's end laser pistol and other stuff. When you hack a computer in the game, you have four tries to hack it successfully.

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He will thank you and give you his old albeit more-powerful Plasma Rifle! So venture to Point Lookout, if you dare. If you find a Brotherhood of Steel person, and if they have a big battery on their backs, they have the Gatling Laser. When you finish the quest Rileys Rangers, she asks you if you want a minigun or armor.

Inside the center building is a series of caves where the raiders have set up a brothel and a bar. All their stock will be back including their caps. Now leave and go to underworld and get Charon by killing the other clerk.

Play through until you pass the electro minefield, and save before entering where the Chinese general dude is. In the Museum Offices, there is a central room with a gun case. Energy Weapons - Is in raven rock find colonel automs room it will be locked and you need a skill of to unlock it. Kill him for the Terrible Shotgun, a souped up Combat Shotgun.

If it doesn't work you are doing it wrong. Go back to the armory, pickup your new loadout from the man, grab your previous loadout you dropped, then do the infinite ammo glitch with all your weapons. This powerful weapon gets critical hits frequently and is the bane of Behemoths.

Up the hill you will find a power station. Right next you can see a passage been blocked by nailed up plank wood.

The passcode can only be found by piecing together the Keller Family Holotapes. Make sure you did the lots of ammo! Click on the items in this order and a computer will appear. Convince him to go to Zimmer on his own and he will reward you. He will already have an item called the Fawkes Super Sledge in his inventory which you can take from him.

Find it in the storage room in the lower level of Fort Independence. To obtain this weapon, travel to L.

Fallout 3 (Xbox 360)

Do it again and you will gain money because you are selling the trader the fully repaired version of the item you bought. Take a right, salon styler hairstyle and you'll see another turn. Now sell the pencils to any merchant for caps.

When you discover the identification of the android and are deciding to turn him in or warn him, go to the android first. You never lose karma, but you do put your follower in danger of being killed.

Most Popular Games on CheatCodes. Just head directly East from the Bethesda Ruins and you will see a fenced in house called the Raid Shack. Go back into the hut and keep shooting out their weapons.

Mothership Zeta Walkthrough. Metro introduces the public to the new Metro Protectron, programmed for speed, efficiency, and friendliness. The minigun Riley gives you is called Eugene and brick has Eugene.