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Pages Home how to download softwares Game Categories. It would have been nice to make a cup run with Mia and the gals.

Overall, however, this title plays extremely well. The game is definitely worth a look. On-the-strategy lets gamers tune player positioning and tactics or mark star players for coverage. You get to choose from many options including three levels of skill. America's newly bom soccer league is reporting straight to the game arena with Major League Soccer.

On defense, you can control the aggressiveness of their equipment and training on the fly, even so far as to make all its supporters to leave his man and run to the ball with the touch of a button. They've covered all the bases this time, even including teams from leagues as obscure as Portugal and Israel. Lots of game modes, players and things to do.

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Friendly games, Season Modes, Tournaments and Training are all paths of play that you can choose to follow. The computer Al also makes for a worthy match.

You'll have the option to pull your defense up to initiate an offside trap with the press of a button, and you'll have icon-style passing off throw-ins and free kicks. International recording star Robbie Williams has also been cyber-scanned into the game so that you can see him when he sings in the introduction to the game. But of all the moves with the ball, some of the coolest are things you have control of without the ball. The graphics, sound and gameplay kick ass!

There are improvements to the league structure, however. As far as flaws in the game, there aren't many. Offensively, players will find several types of passes and shots, while the defensive lineup includes pokes, tackles, and fouls. You will have lots to do before actually playing a match. Weather, fouls, formations, graphical details and many other general and team-specific items can be altered, giving the game quite a bit of depth.

In the sound department things go slightly downhill, though they don't hit rock bottom. Switching formation with a single button press is a simple yet ingenious feature. All Pakistan Muslim League.

When will someone release a decent football game? Major League Soccer as it held it's own visually and in the gameplay department. Facial expressions and gestures in the game also look great, making the experience of playing the game much more realistic and believable. Also how to create a player, and you can even customize your computer to your preference. This causes the game to turn into a frenzied button-mashing fest and is sure to turn some people off on the game entirely.

That alone is great for U. Browse games Game Portals.

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Play Now Download the full version. Players are beautifully animated and the stadiums also possess enough atmosphere and movement to get you going. There are lots of things to do once you first load up this game. Options are also highly configurable in this game.

All of the players and rosters are fairly current as well, but trading and management will let you stay totally up to date. Download Link Magnet Link. Newer Post Older Post Home. Also, it's almost impossible to score from distance. All these additions are both well implemented and easy to use, improving the gameplay instead of complicating the situation too.

Fifa 2000 Game Free Download For Pc Full VersionFIFA Download Game

They've also finally perfected the motion-capturing, meaning you should get instant responses from your players, rather than having that slight delay we've come to expect. Fans of the series needn't fret though, because there's a hat-trick of good news to report. The goalies for both sides are also much more into the game in this year's rendition.

Even though it's just a tiny thing, I really like the dead ball Icon Attack feature they added. Mail will not be published required. Managers partake in Cup Tourneys during the regular season. Smooth frame rates and raging crowds, a bit cartoon-like though.

FIFA 2000 Download (1999 Sports Game)

New domestic and International leagues will add the passion of relegation and promotion battles, with European Cup places at stake for the victors. If you lose out in the regular season standings, there is still a shot at glory by winning the Cup matches that take place throughout the year.

It is refreshing to see a team such as Blackburn make it into the Premiere League. It makes corner kicks and throw-ins much more exciting. The new engine is smoother and the players look much more life-like. The controls are supersmooth, the gameplay is tight the A! Although soccer's still struggling for respectability in the U.

You must work to become a skilled player, especially if you want to hold your own on the harder difficulty settings. You can customize so many things for a team. This year's game Is easily the best yet. With one touch of a button, you'll quickly return to the default strategy. The three different game modes amateur, professional and world class offer plenty of challenge and serious replay value.

The ball behaves in a much more believable fashion and it makes for a better game of football. It's not just them, however, it's the fact that they often get cut off and are too vague when describing the play.

The crowd also animates quickly so that the illusion of a raging sea of fans is noticeable. But a huge disappointment is the lack of women's teams. The graphics in the game are very well done. This makes it much easier to help would-be strikers corner - at the touch of a button you can guide a corner directly to your man in the box, which is expected to head the ball.

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Make sure you read the above link before downloading! The penalty shoot-outs offer the same excitement as the real thing, though no one rips their shirts off after a monster goal. The one drawback of the visuals is that they do seem a bit cartoon-like but, even so, they still look very smooth and the frame rates are high. The players all move well and the amount of moves they possess really makes playing a challenge, but that's a good thing.

FIFA 2000 Download (1999 Sports Game)

Now football fans can pit their favorite teams in the U. There is an exhibition, tournament, season, kullanari koottam songs and practice mode. The control is masterful and the variety of special moves at your disposal are easy to learn and exciting to use.