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From the outside, looking in, she had it made. Despite having a rough start to their relationship, Katie was not about to give up on having a father figure in her life. Dey was just to good for him. By all accounts, leighton meester dating they never spoke again before Cassidy passed away. She was just as smitten with him as everyone else.

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He tied the knot with songwriter Sue Shifrin, his third wife, and the two had a baby boy called Beau. It was not something she ever intended to share with the public, and that put a strain on their friendship. In a heartbreaking admission, David Cassidy revealed he told his son, Beau, marriage not dating ost that he does not want to go the same way his mother did.

Partridge Family Drama Susan Dey s David Cassidy Crush Went Unrequited

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  1. The horrible incident traumatized the singer, who consequently announced he would quit touring and acting in favor of concentrating on his recording career.
  2. In spite of her best efforts, it seemed their relationship was doomed from the start.
  3. She has a completely different life.
  4. The Partridge Family bunch has met up several times since the show has ended, but Dey has never appeared in any of those reunions.

David Cassidy and Susan Dey

Cassidy went on to co-star with his brother, Shaun Cassidy, in a Broadway musical titled Blood Brothers. Unfortunately, when we follow characters on our favorite television shows, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that they are real people with real issues. David tried to change her mind several times but to no avail.

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  • After The Partridge Family had stopped taping, they ended up sleeping together for a one-night stand and he ended up regretting it.
  • Susan Dey confirmed she developed feelings for castmate Cassidy during filming, but Cassidy never reciprocated her feelings.
  • One sip, one drink, because there is no such a thing, not to an alcoholic.
  • Soon Cassidy was attracting crowds again, and his fans were curious about possible developments of his career.
  • He turned to alcohol whenever he felt down and would not get his growing addiction under control even when everyone around him told him enough was enough.

Fall in love again Famous Faces. Since she had dementia too, he was there when his mother wasted away from the illness. Not many people know that The Partridge Family really was a family, in a sense. Entertainers Lost Way Too Soon!

After Dey had gotten her way, and gotten Cassidy out of her system, they remained friendly. While Cassidy went off the grid, breast dating his estranged father Jack Cassidy died. This was the highest ever instrumentally recorded ground acceleration in an urban area in North America.

Everything Susan Dey The Partridge Family

Remember how it was Culture Change. Thank you for the abundance and support you have shown him these many years. He reportedly attempted to apologize to Dey but she never responded.

Partridge Family Drama Susan Dey s David Cassidy Crush Went Unrequited

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Time after time, Dey watched Cassidy flaunt romantic relationships right under her nose without any regard for her feelings. David spoke in great detail about his past relationships, but Susan was not happy about the way she was portrayed in his book. Considering the fact that Cassidy was on the radar of every girl in America, it should come as no surprise that Susan Dey, had a thing for him as well. Susan Dey was a beautiful brunette who had the attention of all the teenage boys.

She was relentless and made sure he knew there was nothing she wanted more than his mere presence. Cassidy was a groupie magnet and had quite a female following. She had what would appear to be unlimited access to and attention from him.

David Cassidy s Daughter Speaks About His Life

Truth be told, David Cassidy had become accustomed to a less proper and more promiscuous type of girl. He planned on following through with the last few, final concerts he had booked, but would no longer return to the stage or the recording studio as he wanted to enjoy life. Cassidy later reported the professional and domestic change in his life practically saved him from sinking into deep psychological depression.

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David became a father for the very first time when baby Katie was born out of wedlock. David Cassidy was a major teen heartthrob for countless American teenage girls. David also watched an episode of The Partridge Family and mocked his own acting. Despite common belief, Cassidy was more than happy to leave The Partridge Family behind. Many girls would have loved to have been in her shoes, working side by side with Cassidy every day.

The singer did everything in his power to keep whatever was left in his private life private, but after his untimely and premature death, news hit the fan about the man everyone thought they knew. He was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and despite his on-off relationship with Katie, his daughter was present when his life support was turned off. David Cassidy had disappointed many when they found out the man had a tumultuous relationship with his daughter, Katie, and he sought out revenge in a way no one could foresee. Nearly people were injured in a stampede, dating free and year-old Bernadette Whelan had died after being unconscious due to the hysterical crush. Whelan became the first fatality at a concert in the U.

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