Big Sean Supa Dupa

Recording Industry Association of America. But he was kinda local then. Now with the release of his brand new mixtape, Luda is taking some shots back.

The only difference is he does it together. Your email address will not be published. Never heard cam or anyone is dipset spit like that. He starts looking at me and bobbing his head.

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Hell I wouldnt be surprised if that style dates back to when Big L was rippin it. Artists inspire other artists even in the studio. Its about time someone pointed this shit out, and I like the way the interviewer phrased it. If u ask me Quan did it better kuz he was in his own lane.

All you people saying cam and everyone else had the style before put the lines up. Drake would buy hooks or entire songs concepts and verses. People talk out their ass with no proof. Also, can we stop trying to generalize rap?

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Big Sean about to make it big. How long he been in the game? And Eminem was influenced by one of the greatest. Have I done work here and there? Them niggas even borrow lines from each other and make whole songs.

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Shouldnt that be exorcist fab? In an interview with TheHipHopUpdate. Now that i think of it, alot of these nggz been bitin the clipse. Big Sean also stated in an interview that he was in the studio with fellow Detroit native Eminem.

John Lennon Influencing Drake? Or in Aubrey kase take a hook and add it to a verse. These days, it seems as if nearly every song utilizes truncated similes.

Drake On Using Supa Dupa Flow

He used to have a white Range Rover. Shit is dope if ya put it in a couple of bars or at the end of a line or two for a punchline effect but not when ya hear it over and over and over.

Music debut and explained that the one-week pushback was to be blamed on sample and feature clearance issues. This is too funny ive been thinking about how wack this style is recently. Discography Awards and nominations.

Big Sean Says Supa Dupa Flow Is Dead

Just a whole bunch of my sound bites! Well, that flow has been killed by so many rappers.

Hell, John Wall might as well say he created the crossover. And, I never want to use that flow again in life.

For us to say thats his flow. Luda been taking heat for that song basically I see. Go listen to cam and old wayne then and get the fuck off the blogs where you will clearly see new artist and new material. Thank you Em for not using that corny as shit.

The album's production was primarily handled by No I. When drake said him and wayne borrowed that shit from big sean I was like this bitch is so fuckin lame bruh, everything in hiphop today was done before. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Do I write for him on a regular basis? Big up to Big Sean for startin a trend errbody picked up on. American rapper from Michigan. Sean has consulted the advice of Jay Z and Rick Rubin while working on the album.

Drake On Using Supa Dupa Flow


This nigga rap about the same shit everybody else rap about, he sing about the same shit Trey songz sing about. That was a way he can acknowledge how horrible that verse was. Luda was making a parody of that flow because everyone was doing it, n he showed how wack it is while making a hit record at the same time.

Was Big Sean the first to use that? Ok I need to get put on to Big Sean. Drake has his own flow, Big Sean has his own flow, Biggie had his own, Em had his own, even Kudi has his own, etc. Man No one rapped like supa dupa before, stop that shit. During his interview, club penguin membership codes generator 2012 he says that his patented Supa Dupa Flow is dead.

Drake On Using Supa Dupa Flow

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Have I written for him on a regular basis? And kudos to Drake for realizing somethings wrong here. Listen to how he breaks and pauses and he even ad lib on the same track as the verse like Wayne yeah. Rapper singer songwriter record producer. If anything Drake wants to gv credit now that flow is wack, which is a diss to Big Sean who shouldve got credit longtime ago.

If Drake uses a ghostwriter how did he manage to write such a great song for alicia keys? Its just let me throw some shit together and see if it sounds good.

Then a bunch of rappers started doing it and using the most terrible references in the world. Thas y yu gotta admire flows from people like eminem, nobody can match it. But that was interesting tho. The founders of Hip Hop are still alive which obviously means its not that old, new shit is still coming out and he didnt say metaphors and similes are dead.

Drake used to throw a lot of money around to get into the industry which is why him and Trey Songz is cool. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And describing lines in the least amount of words. Me and Wayne found a dope way to do it.